In the High School our students' lives are enriched by a whole range of activities, clubs, organizations, and initiatives. Many are student led; all give students the chance to develop skills, build friendships, and grow as individuals. We are very proud of the range and depth of what ASH offers "Beyond the Classroom" and of the passion and commitment shown by the students who are involved in these activities.

We also ask that parents, staff and students take note of our policy regarding the use of ASH Campus Facilities. Official school supervision of students ends upon school dismissal, at which point students must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on campus after school hours. During the vacation periods, students may not be on campus using the school facilities unless under the direct supervision of a member of the Faculty.
After school clubs & activities are not ASH-sponsored but are provided by third-party professionals (who in some but not all cases are members of the ASH Faculty).

For CAS and other related service/volunteer opportunities please contact the CAS Coordinator.

Clubs & Activities

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  • Basketball Clinic at ASH

    Open for boys and girls aged 10 to 17, and runs for 9 weeks. For more information and sign ups, visit or call Tom DiGaudio at 065.434.5354.
  • CobraNova Basketball

    We currently have places available for the following teams: U12 (mix boys and girls), U14 boys, U16 boys, U18 boys. If your child is a new or seasoned player and is interested, please contact Toni Stapel at for more information.
  • Dance Team

    The High School has a dance group made up of students who audition in September. Students who are interested in dance, have training or background in dance or are enrolled in the ASH dance class are encouraged to join.
  • Drama and Music

    In addition to courses offered in our Arts Center Performing and Visual Arts, students are able to join dramatic and musical productions, which are organized and scheduled throughout the school year. Students who do not take Arts classes should watch the bulletin board and check daily announcements for information about auditions for musical or dramatic productions.

    In the area of music (both instrumental and choral), several concerts are performed each year, usually close to the December Holidays and in the spring.
  • Film Club

    The Film club embraces creative thinking by producing diverse quality films. Film club focuses on making short adverts, trailers, info commercials and music clips to name a few, providing ASH with information as well as entertainment. Students wishing to join the Film club will learn lots about the film and sound making process, using software such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, but most of all just having fun making movies.
  • Cheerleading

    The HS Cheerleading will consist of students in Grades 9-12. The squad will have a sign-up sheet at the Fall Activity Fair for students who express interest in trying out for this sport. Those involved in a Fall Sport will not be expected to join workouts until Winter Sports Season. We will need to measure and order/alter your uniform before Winter Sports Season.
  • Human Writes

    Human Writes is an ASH organization that works towards promoting human rights, and fighting against injustice. Through letter writing and awareness campaigns, members of Human Writes work to promote the club’s core goals of defending freedom of expression, protecting women’s rights, advocating for the abolishment of the death penalty, demanding justice for crimes against humanity, and seeking corporate accountability where companies have abused people’s rights.
  • International Music Festivals

    Every year, High School musicians from schools around the world audition to earn a place in these festivals. They are held in Europe, hosted by international schools such as ours. Participants rehearse musical scores during their own time. Upon arrival at the festival, students are intensely involved in rehearsals that culminate with a concert for the public. Students should watch for announcements about audition criteria and dates.
  • Math Competitions

    Throughout the year ASH student participate in various math competitions against students from all over the world. Competitions are both at home and away, team and individual.
  • Model United Nations (MUN)

    ASH has sponsored The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) for nearly 40 years. This special program brings together more than 3,000 pupils from over 125 schools during the last week in January. It is the largest model student congress outside the United States. Throughout the autumn, organizational meetings are held for students interested in participating in THIMUN.

    Students can join THIMUN in one of two capacities:
    • Delegation member (including Chair, ICJ, Press, and Youth Assembly)
    • Administrative staff or officer
    Because the number of positions is limited, priority usually is given to Juniors and Seniors. Final selection for MUN participants is determined through an application process.
  • National Honor Society (NHS)

    The National Honor Society is a group of students selected on the basis of their service, character, leadership, and scholarship. The students undertake projects for the School, the community (Rotterdam Soup Kitchen), and world food relief. Selection for membership takes place in February each year.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Our Mission: The mission of the High School Student Ambassador Program is to guide new students and families transition into our "A Safe Harbor" (from "hallo" to "tot ziens”) through ASH’s core values -- communication, empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity.

    Our Vision: We envision both parents and students, new and veteran, coming together from different nationalities, different beliefs, and different backgrounds, acknowledging values and principles, working collaboratively to build a supportive community, not only within ASH, but also within Dutch culture.

    Our Goals:
    • To form a well-rounded team of Ambassadors
    • To hold a informative, useful, and fun Orientation Week
    • To pair each new student with a compatible ambassador
    • To see that each student finds a form of integration
    • To provide mid-year students with extra care
    • To acknowledge leavers
    • To guide the rising Freshman class up through a "Step-Up" day
    • To represent the American School of the Hague as a unique, hospitable community and uphold its core values: communication, empathy, responsibility, integrity, and respect.
  • Student Senate

    The Student Senate is the elected student government of the High School. For more up-to-date information, and to engage with the Senate, please visit our Facebook page at

    The Senate aims to provide a voice for the High School students of the of the American School of The Hague and to take an active role in improving their daily lives.

    The Senate represents the interests of the student body to the Administration and Faculty of the school in order to raise student concerns and improve the welfare and reputation of the student body. It convenes every week to discuss and take action to support the interests of the student body.

Clubs & Activities

List of 13 items.

  • Performing Arts

    High School Students can participate in performing arts activities that exist outside the curricular program throughout the school year. Please see the Arts pages for more details.
  • Private Music Lessons

    More than 20 professional music teachers from the community offer instruction on brass, percussion, and string instruments as well as guitar, piano, voice and woodwinds. To sign up for lessons, fill out a Private Lesson Request form, or from the Arts Center Office. Financial arrangements for private musical instruction are made directly with the teacher. Contact:
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  • Prom Committee

    Students in their Junior year may join the Prom Committee which is responsible for the organization and coordination of the School Prom which is held in May. Meetings take place during lunch time.
  • Robotics Club

    The High School Robotics Club activity will be based on the existing Middle School Club, but will take the robotics to the next level, appropriate for High School students. The club emphasizes above all TEAMWORK in problem solving, since the success of both robot design and coding requires very involved joint efforts. Creativity is required, as well as the ability to fail, since we are building and trying new technology.
  • Role Playing Games (RPG)

    Students in Grades 7 to 12 who are interested in fantasy role-playing games are welcome to attend this exciting and active club, where they can sharpen their critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and group dynamic skills.
  • SAFE

    SAFE is a High school group committed to working towards issues of equality. It is a High School group open to anyone that also supports students who feel a lack of equality at school. SAFE initially started as a Gay-Straight Alliance, and has since then developed in a more diverse group embracing a broader awareness of acceptance and equality. Examples of issues examined and explored are: sexuality, gender, race and religion.
  • Scouting - Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

    The Boy Scouts of America program is for boys aged 11 to 18 years old. It aims at making boys the best they can be through programs specifically designed to promote friendship, responsibility, loyalty, and leadership. Through the outdoor program Troop 141 enjoys the wilderness, experiencing everything from quiet camping to breathtaking mountain trail climbing throughout Europe. Troop 141 is primarily for expatriate boys, but is open to all boys regardless of race, religion or nationality. Registration is open year-round. The Troop meets on Tuesday evenings at the ABF. More information is available at Troop141.
  • Scouting - Girl Scouts of America (GSA)

    The Girl Scouts are organized for each grade level for girls ages 5 to 18. The program helps the girls of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Many activities are planned each year, including boat trips and camp-outs. Girls can explore different careers and develop friendships.
  • Service Trips

    ASH has a long tradition of reaching out to the local and global community through service learning, community service, volunteering and activism. Every year our students and teachers give their time, effort and talents to a variety of service initiatives near and far.

    High School students do this in a classroom context through service learning, a form of experiential learning that connects the skills and the knowledge acquired in the classroom to specific initiatives that address a genuine need in the community. As they get older, High School students are also expected to show more initiative and take on more responsibility (in groups or individually) for planning their own activities, picking up new challenges, working collaboratively with community partners and engaging with a variety of issues related to animals, human rights or the environment.

    By doing so, ASH strives to foster a culture of community engagement and equip all members of our community with the skills and the confidence necessary to actively give their time, energy and talents in order to make a difference and create a better world. All High School students can make meaningful contributions to the school, local and/or international communities and a student's involvement in the community is not dependent on IB/CAS/NHS membership or course load.
  • Speech and Debate Tournaments

    Every year, NESDA (New European Speech, Debate, and Acting Association) organizes two tournaments. Students from various international schools gather each semester at a host school for two days of intensive Speech and Debate activities and tournaments.
  • SustainASH - Project Sustainability

    SustainASH is a group of High School students working together to raise awareness about the things that the ASH community can do to be more sustainable and to promote/teach global responsibility. They promote and celebrate what the ASH community is currently doing to be more sustainable and they communicate how SustainASH can lead by example. We want to take action, to encourage others to take cation with us and to carry our small scale acts that combine to make big change.
  • Trade and Finance Organization

    The Trade and Finance Organization is a club dedicated to learning about the world of finance and how to make profitable investments. The club is informative because we study a variety of financial markets and investment techniques, but it's also a lot of fun because we compete to see who can earn the greatest profits using a stock market simulator. During each weekly meeting, we spend some time learning new techniques and the rest of the time applying them in the simulator game and discussing our portfolios.
  • Yearbook

    Our yearbook is produced by the yearbook staff as part of a regularly scheduled class and is distributed to all students during the final week of school as part of tuition and fees.
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