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ASH's Diverse Community Celebrates the Holidays

ASH’s diversity is something we are very proud of, it extends to many aspects of the #ASHexperience, and at this time of year, it also applies to the holidays and traditions our community is celebrating. As a school community, we are diverse and inclusive in many ways, and this includes honoring and respecting how everyone at ASH defines the holiday season.

This is evident from the different celebrations we have on campus, from honoring Dutch tradition with the arrival of Sinterklaas at the beginning of December to pop-up performances around ASH of traditional Christmas carols to our Nordic community’s tradition of Santa Lucia. Although we haven’t all grown up with these traditions or celebrations, being part of ASH means that we can learn about them, appreciate them and enjoy them too.

Walking through our elementary school division, this celebration of different holidays and traditions at this time of year is reflected on their walls. Students were asked which holidays they celebrate at this time of year so that all of us have an understanding of which holidays are important to our ASH community.

Also on the posters on the walls, the students have written down what all these celebrations have in common and what their favorite holiday traditions are. It’s heart-warming to see on both posters, that there is a strong theme of spending time with family and friends, celebrating, enjoying hot chocolate.
So no matter what your holiday traditions are, we wish you a happy and safe break, and all the best for an amazing 2020 ahead!
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