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ASH Nurtures and Strengthens Community Bonds

As members of the larger Wassenaar community, ASH prioritizes the ongoing nurturing of our community bonds and partnerships of support and collaboration with our various neighbors. In this spirit of partnership, just last week, we welcomed Mayor de Lange and his Wassenaar Municipality delegation and enjoyed the opportunity to show them around our campuses, offer them a preview of our Freaky Friday musical and mingle with our students engaged in learning. “When you get there (ASH), you just want to go school again!” commented Alderman Kees Wassenaar via LinkedIn.

"It's inspiring to experience this busy campus. The students' positive energy in the hallways, sports hall and on stage is also palpable in the local community. Many students live in Wassenaar and play an active role in the community through their volunteer work and local sports memberships," said Mayor de Lange in a Wassenaar Municipality press release issued late last Friday evening.

The same release also highlighted how ASH is part of the community fabric and an active member of the Wassenaar community. "Many ASH families live in Wassenaar and actively contribute to our community life through sports memberships and volunteer work. For example, ASH students support the integration of refugees in the community, volunteer at the local food bank, and help keep the beach and dunes clean through their Beach Clean-up project."

Through ASH, it said, Wassenaar contributes to the country's economic growth. "ASH plays a prominent role in MRDH's (Metropool Regio Den Haag Rotterdam) investment climate. It helps attract international families to the area to work for international organizations, multinationals, and EU and UN institutions. This, in turn, helps Wassenaar contribute to the economic growth in the Netherlands," offered Mayor de Lange.

The above comments from the press release and social media posts have been translated from Dutch into English.

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