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Diversity as Part of the #ASHexperience

We are lucky here at ASH to have nearly 80 nationalities represented amongst our 1220 students. Our ASH community is incredibly diverse and it is one of the many things that makes our learning environment so rich, unique and special. When you walk down the hallways on campus you can be sure to hear a wide range of languages and accents, and learn about different cultures and heritages. Our many nationalities and combined rich heritage contribute to the global citizenry in our students and this is such an important part of our #ASHexperience.

ASH admissions data shows that 30 percent of our students are American and 12 percent are Dutch. Find here some other interesting nationality facts about our student body:
  • After American and Dutch, the next largest nationality groups are British, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Canadian, Israeli, Indian, Portuguese, Saudi and Korean.
  • Many of our students have dual nationalities: British-Swedish, Dutch-Filipino, Spanish-Venezuelan, and Irish-Italian being the largest groups.
  • Some of our students come from as far away as Australia and New Zealand, which is practically on the opposite side of the world to the Netherlands.

We celebrate our diversity daily, and once a year, in collaboration with the PTO, we organize the ASH International Festival, a community-wide celebration honoring our many nationalities and cultures. This year the theme is peace and justice, and the festival will be held on Friday, November 22. Beginning with a flag parade in the sports hall from 16:00, the festivities will also include tasting the many flavors and cuisines from around the globe, learning about other countries, enjoying traditional performances, and playing games!

Leading up to Friday's festival, each division has embedded special activities in the curriculum throughout the day. For example, to help honor diversity in our elementary school, our students will come to school dressed in clothing that represents the nationalities they feel connected to. It could be as simple as a t-shirt with the name of their country, a face painted flag, or some type of national dress.

Over in middle school advisory throughout the week, students are spending 10 minutes on internationally-focused activities, such as a word search of "thank you's" from around the world and learning how to make origami peace cranes. This is developing their appreciation and understanding of other cultures, not only in the lead up to the festival but for their everyday encounters with people from around the world.

Our cafeteria is also getting involved in the international spirit (even more than they normally do!). The Eurest team has prepared a globally focused menu for the week, with every day featuring a different country’s cuisine. Earlier in the week, for meatless Monday, Indian options were on the menu, and for yesterday’s cold rainy day Hungarian goulash was the perfect meal for lunch. Tomorrow we travel to Greece and we will finish the week with a Mexican fiesta on the menu. This is all perfect preparation for us leading into the food festival on International Day. We can't wait for Friday and hope to see you all there!

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