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Get Your Spirit (Wear) On!

Fridays in the elementary school = spirit wear days! Students and teachers in the division show their ASH pride by wearing their ASH shirts and colors. Spirit wear is so important to elementary principal Mr. Messick, he was generous enough to sponsor one item of spirit wear for each of his elementary school staff. What a great display of community spirit! We spoke with some of the staff about their thoughts on spirit wear Fridays…

“I love it! And not just because I don't need to plan my Friday outfit! It gives us a great sense of community and school spirit!” - Ms. Byrnes

“I love the way the elementary comes together to wear spirit wear on Fridays. It makes me feel like a part of the team and that we are all showing our ASH pride.” - Ms. Andreasen

“I think wearing spirit wear is a great initiative in the UE as it brings a sense of fun and unity.” - Ms. Elliott

And our ASH spirit wear would not be possible without the support and effort put in by our PTO. We spoke with Laura Crane from the PTO about all things spirit wear…

What does the PTO hope the ASH community gets out of wearing spirit wear?
The aim of encouraging students, faculty, and families to wear spirit wear is to add to the sense of community and camaraderie that already exists at ASH. When someone wears ASH-branded apparel, it signals that they are comfortable being identified as part of the ASH community and that there is a sense of pride in identifying with this larger group. We also hope that those who wear spirit wear get a sense of satisfaction from supporting the PTO and its goals of enriching the student experience at ASH.

What is your favorite part of operating the spirit wear store?
My favorite part of operating the spirit store would definitely have to be the face to face interactions that occur when people stop in the shop to make purchases or to pick up items ordered online. It’s nice to be part of a positive experience in someone’s day!

When is the spirit wear store open?
The online store is, of course, open 24 hours a day and is ideal for families that don’t make it into the school on a regular basis. The brick and mortar shop, located between the MS and HS offices, is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00-16:00. Soon we will also be selling at the ECC on a regular basis to make it easier for families with younger kids to make purchases. Of course, if none of these options work, individual appointments can always be made by emailing I am here to help in any way I can!

So with all this positivity and sense of community that comes with wearing spirit wear, what are you waiting for?! All school spirit wear Fridays anyone?
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