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The Domino Effect of a Good Deed

Upper Elementary has begun the 2019-2020 school year with its first assembly carrying an important message for students. This being that no matter how big or small your actions are or who you are, doing a good deed or carrying out an act of kindness can have a domino effect on the world around us. The assembly began with the headline ‘We are safe and kind in what we say and do’, and Mr. Messick taught the students a catchy song about asking people how they are and caring about their response.

Afterward, a number of teachers all took turns to read a page from Ordinary May’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson, which emphasized that “even if you are just a normal person, you can make a big change in the world” (UE student). And “when you do something nice or good it will come back to you” (UE student). Emphasizing these important messages starting with our youngest learners is part of the #ASHexperience; they inspire our students throughout the school year and their time at ASH.
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