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Planning for the Future of ASH - A Community Conversation

Last week marked the launch of our new strategic planning journey to identify a schoolwide vision for the future of ASH; rearticulate our mission describing our purpose; and, create a new strategic plan outlining the benchmarks towards our goal. This planning journey is designed to be a collaborative process and we invite everyone to take part in helping us re-think ASH as we look to answer these key questions by October:
  • What makes ASH special or unique today?
  • What works well at ASH?
  • What could be improved?
  • What might be one thing we could concentrate on in the short run?
  • What’s our vision for the future of ASH?
For this, we are actively gathering input from as many community members as possible. We are collecting all your ideas in our Project Nest (MS 2.36/2.37). Here you will find prompts all around the room of which we welcome community members to engage and respond to. Post-it notes and supplies are availible. Drop by and have a look, share your idea, or reply to someone else's.

In addition, we aim to gather as many student, parent, staff, and community members on campus for our facilitated Community Conversation on the Future of School at ASH, held on Saturday, September 21st. The feedback from this event will be combined with the many stories collected from the Project Nest. Together this data will provide us with clues as to where the community believes ASH could go and will be incorporated into our strategic planning.

Stay tuned for further details about our September 21st Community Conversation, we hope to see you there!
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