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Trojan Cafe is Open!

As a community, inclusion is one of our many positive strengths that make our school #uniquelyASH and contribute to a rich #ASHexperience. Here, we embrace our students' many mother tongues, numerous nationalities, and diverse learning styles. We are also the only international school in the Netherlands that offers a Special Education program. As part of this program, Trojan Cafe is an initiative in the high school, where every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-10:30, students and staff can drop by for a hot or cold drink and delicious baked goods.
We spoke with high school Special Education Teacher Stefanie Donnelly-Escott, who was instrumental in starting this initiative with her students and maintaining its ongoing operation for the entire ASH community to enjoy.

How long has the Trojan Cafe been operating for and what was the original goal of establishing the cafe?
The Trojan Cafe was established in Winter 2017. The idea was generated by the student senate at the time. The students approached me and asked if I would be willing to launch the cafe because they wanted a variety of drinks and they thought it would be a good opportunity to get the high school special education (HSSE) students involved. We brainstormed how it would work and what drinks we should offer and they helped set up the whole process. I saw it as a great opportunity for the HSSE students to practice social and leadership skills in this vocational training.

What impact has the cafe made on the students in the Special Education program?
The Cafe has been a great learning opportunity and has given them ownership over something that improves the school community. They look forward to the Cafe every time and love seeing their teachers and friends. It is so great for them to be in a service role as they are usually the ones who are receiving support from others. This is their chance to shine! They take turns doing the different jobs and they love each role - even the clean up crew!

What's your favorite order from the Cafe?
We are always looking to improve, create and try new things. We welcome all suggestions! My very favorite drink that is on limited offer only for when it's hot is the blended ice frappuccino.

Student quotes:
"My favorite part is working as a barista." - Emanuele G.
"I like seeing good friends coming to get some coffee." - Riley M.

Important details:
The Trojan Cafe is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-10:30 in the High School Special Education Classroom. Be sure to stop by for your morning coffee or tea break!
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