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Experiencing Dutch Parliament at Het Binnenhof

Picture yourself: it’s the 1500’s, and you’re in a great hall surrounded by the Knights of the Golden Fleece. Or you’re in official conference with the States of Holland and West Friesland in the 1600’s. On Monday, May 6th, a group of our Grade 9 and 10, Dutch 1 and 2 students had the opportunity to do just that. Under the gift of a clear blue sky, these students embarked on a journey through time visiting “Het Binnenhof” in The Hague to get a live experience of where Dutch politics happen. The historic Binnenhof complex was a former manor built in the 1200’s and became the meeting place for Dutch politics in the mid 1500’s; today it is one of the oldest buildings still in use to host politics.

Our students were guided around the Binnenhof and were able to visit the House of Representatives, where the Dutch Parliament meet on a regular basis to discuss and vote on various topics. The students had an interactive explanation of our political system and how our democracy works, followed by a political quiz which the students managed quite well. This unique field trip provided the opportunity for a hands-on learning experience for our students, with maximum exposure to the Dutch language.
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