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Grade 6 Students Run ASHMuseum

Over the past months, our 6th Grade students have been learning how to run a museum, research information, and curate exhibits. This cross-disciplinary learning was possible through the collaborative effort of our Social Studies, Library Literacy, Language Arts, English as an Additional Language and Visual Arts teachers, culminating in artwork installations and exhibits on display in the ASHMuseum about Early Humans, Ancient Sumer, and Ancient Egypt. Some investigations connected to sustainability issues were also on display.
In preparation for ASHMuseum, students applied for a museum position with specific responsibilities and met with local museum experts from the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) in Leiden who facilitated an in-school workshop and welcomed them during a visit to Leiden to further explore the various museum roles. Student leaders, including curators and department heads, led optional meetings during lunch breaks to take and implement decisions. The ASHMuseum target audience were the fifth graders, aged 10-11 and community members.

Grade 6 also ran a museum gift shop and a café selling their own designs as part of the areas of study. All sales proceeds and donations supported their service initiative called Grassroots/FED, an organization in Thailand that helps protect child rights and offers education to the children of Burmese migrants living in Thailand.  
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