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Extravaganza Stuns Yet Again

On Friday, March 29th, the ASH community enjoyed a wonderful evening of student vocal, orchestra, rhythm, and band performances during Extravaganza, our signature music performance showcase.

This annual celebration underscores student learning and progress throughout their musical development at ASH. In total, Extravaganza brings together 600 students from across all divisions in choirs, bands, ensembles, and orchestras who perform solo and together for an ever-growing audience. The ASH Jazz Band SASHJE traditionally performs the transition pieces throughout the evening, bringing together grand student musicianship and teacher leadership.

This year, Extravaganza featured Arranger and Composer Richard Saucedo, whose first orchestral piece "Nocturne for Orchestra" was named most outstanding new original composition at the 2009 National Orchestra Cup Festival held at Lincoln Center in New York, USA. He composed music especially for this year’s Extravaganza and conducted his own music after spending the week leading up to the event leading master classes to help prepare our students for Friday night’s gala performance.

MC’s Caleb and Kasper brought us humor throughout the evening as they smoothly transitioned between performances. Also the music team worked tirelessly behind the scenes, and conducted pieces and played along in performances.

Extravaganza saw the light in 1987. The size of and interest in Extravaganza grew over the years as various elements were added to the event, such as the inclusion of several well-known guest conductors and composers. This list includes Robert W. Smith, Richard Myers, Jim Papoulis, Jerry Luckhardt and Richard Saucedo. Perhaps the most significant and traditional element of Extravaganza is the finale of the official ASH school song, “Tell Me, Tell Me.”  

Although the structure and elements of Extravaganza have changed and evolved throughout the years, the celebration of our school community has remained constant.

For those of you who did not get a chance to view Extravaganza last Friday or who would like to watch the wonderful performances again, follow this link to the videos posted in the top right corner of the Communications Board on InsideASH. 

Thank you to Mr. Pete Loy for sharing his photos with the ASH community.
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