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IB Art Students Transform Lobby into Art Gallery

Grade 12 IB DP Visual Arts students exhibited selections of their creations in an exhibition that opened last Friday, March 29th and was on display for our community until today. During the opening, visitors had the chance to speak with the artists and browse the collection.

This year, seven IB student artists exhibited their work: Ellen, Emilie, Franziska, Romee, Emma, Fé and Dana. Throughout this two-year program, they have worked tirelessly to create a body of work unique to who they are and those things that are of importance to them. The exhibition was the culmination of their IB Art studies, and also served as the platform for their IB Art examination. Below, you can learn more about the students’ growth as artists during this process. Congratulations to these talented students for their display of unique, thought-provoking and truly beautiful works of art.

Ellen – Ups and Downs (Digital diptych of Jordyn): Ellen was really able to push through a lot of frustrations and anxieties and really find her niche in these digital drawings. She's a brave artist!

Emilie – Progression (5 small hanging watercolors): Emilie took some very big risks and branched out from traditional media, which was a bit scary for her, but her artistic growth as a result was exponential and these risks really showcased her immense talent.

Franziska – Jess Schot (large red embroidered piece): Franziska's development into such an adventurous artist this year was so inspiring, and her love for creating brought me massive amounts of joy this year!

Romee – Unfinished (series of 9 small abstract works): I love that Romee is so enamored with one specific place and its landscapes that she wanted to create an entire exhibition about it. It brought me a lot of satisfaction to see her take this concept and abstract it so successfully.

Emma – Wave of Blue (four-part ink drawing): Emma's creativity and talent is infused with dedication, attention to detail, patience, and organization like I have never seen in someone her age. She and her work are a light to everyone around her!

Fé – Franziska (large painted portrait): The sensitivity that goes into Fé's conceptualization of ideas and the resulting artworks shows a maturity well beyond her years. I was continually impressed by her masterful articulation of her thoughts and ideas.

Dana – Waste of Cash (painted coins): Dana is an incredibly versatile artist with very broad talent across diverse media. Once she found her momentum there was no stopping her!
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