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Student Delegates Return Satisfied from THIMUN 2019

Last week, ASH students joined more than 3000 students from around the world for the 51st edition of THIMUN, a five-day simulation of the United Nations. As a THIMUN founding school, ASH was also proud to conduct the student choir during the opening ceremony. THIMUN is the world's largest Model United Nations conference, with over twenty percent of the ASH High School student body playing a role in this annual event.

Addressing this year’s theme of 'Work in a Globalised World, Promoting Jobs, Protecting People', the ASH student delegates debated topics such as strengthening the national economy of countries depending on migrant workers remittances; safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of different communities in a globalized world; maintaining a universal social protection system in the face of international trade competition; implementing measures to create new jobs to keep pace with the growth of the global working age population; and, the question of the impact of technology on the quality and quantity of jobs.

High School teachers Jenna Serniak and Jason Bailey directed this year’s delegation, offering 25 students the opportunity to build their advocacy and public speaking skills while representing the United Kingdom and the United Nations Environment Programme. Through a competitive application process, three students were also selected to serve as conference chairpersons, living up to the high standards of responsibility placed upon them. Stathis H. (G12), Fede E. (G11) and Claire O. (G10) served in leadership positions and Justine N. (G11) represented ASH in the International Court of Justice.

Another 34 students commanded conference logistics as members of the administration team directed by High School Counselor Peter Loy. Managing day-to-day conference operations and the unexpected, these students proved to be a reliable and indispensable part of the event. Eight of these students should be recognized for their coordinating roles as student leaders: Carlotta N. (G12), Felipe V. (G12) and Jenny W. (G12) as THIMUN Student Officers; Cameron G. (G11) as Head of General Assembly; Ellen B. (G12), Jordyn C. (G12), Krzysztof K. (G11) and Emma M. (G12) as Deputy Heads of the General Assembly Committees.
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