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Linking Great Facilities With Student Learning Outcomes

Last October, Drs Louise Clément and Pierre Thibault, Professors at Laval University’s School of Education and School of Architecture respectively, traveled from Quebec in Canada together with 20 Education and Architecture students to visit the ASH Main Campus and Early Childhood Center (ECC).

Both professors are part of a research group supported and financed by the Government of Quebec, that focuses on examining the relationship between the physical organization of school spaces and students’ learning outcomes. The purpose of their visit to the Netherlands was to explore school design diversity among various schools with high student learning outcomes, including ASH.

As a result, we were proud to offer this research group a guided campus visit. Especially at the ECC, the researchers took their time to observe and experience our state of the art design building including green areas, open designs, and large play spaces. The group was particularly interested in the renovation of the historic farm house, our use of sustainable materials, and recycling abilities of natural resources, such as rain water, for secondary purposes.

As a learning community, we treasure the opportunity to also support and inspire learning and knowledge gathering by others and appreciated participating in this larger research work at Laval University. For more information about the research project, visit Lab-Ecole, detailing how this group together with the Government of Quebec is looking at the influence of educational facilities on student learning outcomes.
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