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Middle School Stuns with Visual Arts Showcase

In the Middle School art classes, students have been creating art based on guiding questions such as: How do artists and designers document their process, present their ideas, and use places as inspiration? How do we investigate and learn from trial and error, demonstrate persistence, and interpret meaning in a work? What does it mean to be creative?

The art works on display in the exhibit were chosen by the students themselves and is a culmination of research, experimentation and reflection found in each student’s research workbook. Students are introduced to specific media, practice a certain skill, explore the work of an artist of their choice and then use a theme through which to develop their final pieces. The students were free to choose their preferred medium, resulting in artworks produced in watercolor, acrylic, pencil, pencil crayon, ink, marker, pastel and collage. Each piece is inspired by the student artist's culture and personal interest, which is evident by the variety of dynamic work exhibited. Come wander through this highly engaging and thought-provoking sample of student work, now on display in the cafeteria Mezzanine!

Here's what the students had to say about their work:
“Throughout the semester my work has been influenced by scenes of Utah since Utah is my favorite place on the planet” -Haley (Grade 6)
“My work has reflected my passion for the outdoors and wildlife.” -Evan (Grade 6)
“I really like the hands-on activities and endless ideas that we can access through art” -Jurgen (Grade 6)
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