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ASH Joins in Mourning for Former President George Bush Sr., 41st President of the United States of America

On November 30th, 2018, the world said farewell to George Bush Sr., the 41st American President, husband to former First Lady Barbara Bush (who passed on April 17th, 2018) and father to George Bush Jr., 43rd American President. He was 94.

The ASH Community joins in mourning, as George Bush Sr. was the first seated American President to visit The Netherlands in 1989, when his wife laid the cornerstone to our school campus in Wassenaar during the groundbreaking ceremony that summer. Many from our Alumni and current ASH community will recall the visit George Bush Sr. paid on November 9th 1991, which marked the first time a seated president visited the American School of The Hague.

During this exceptional visit, former President Bush and former First Lady Bush sat in the crowd amongst our students, staff and parents, very much at ease and enjoying their visit to our then “new” campus. During his address to the ASH community, he said “We will do our best for education at home, and you do your best to present America’s best side to the people of this wonderful country here”. At this time, around half of ASH’s student population were US citizens, thus illustrating the strong connection and relationship ASH has always had with the US expatriate community in The Netherlands.

To this day, the cornerstone monument in ASH Main Entrance is prominent tribute to the occasion of their visit to our school. Our hearts hang heavy as we say goodbye to former President George Bush Sr., but we will forever cherish the memories made right here on our campus, and the words and inspiration he shared with our students, staff and parents.
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