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The Tradition of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a celebration that traditionally brings families, friends and communities together. At American School of The Hague (ASH) this is no different. Throughout Thanksgiving week, our campus is abuzz with the many celebrations and activities that take place leading up to this major holiday.

From food crafting and potluck lunches to rotating gratitude activities, our students in the Elementary School engage in and celebrate the many elements of gratitude in a playful way. Our youngest ECC learners in Preschool also showed their gratitude to each other, their parents and teachers by making a friendship lunch that they ate together in the classroom.

The Middle School Special Education Students rolled up their sleeves in the Home Economics room to make an apple crumble, sliced turkey, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and then brought the delicious meal back to their classroom for everyone to enjoy.

In High School, the National Honors Society and Thailand Community Service Program students traditionally work together on a joint fundraiser of delicious homemade desserts. This is a highlight of the week, as many parents, students and faculty volunteer to bake, deliver, collect and distribute pies, brownies and cakes for this special Thanksgiving fundraiser.

Right before we break for the holiday, parent volunteers set up large tables across the upper mezzanine and walkway on the Main Campus and serve the students a special Thanksgiving meal, such as stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans with cranberry sauce. This is a meal to remember as students mingle with each other and engage in discussions around thankfulness.

In addition to the celebrations at ASH, a day service sponsored by the Overseas Americans Remember takes place in the historic Pieterskerk in Leiden on Thursday, November 22nd. The ASH String Ensemble, JAKK Choir, Scouts and “The Little Pilgrims” will be part of this annual, non-denominational service presided by a Catholic priest, Protestant ministers, a rabbi and a cantor. Dutch friends and friends from all nations and of all faiths are welcome. The Mayor of Leiden will welcome everyone and the Honorable Shawn Crawley, Chargé D’Affaires of the United States Embassy, will share a Thanksgiving Day Message. For more information about this service, click here.

However you choose to celebrate this tradition, we wish everyone in the American School of The Hague community and beyond a Happy Thanksgiving, one full of love, peace and joy, with those you hold dear.
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