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ASH Alumni and High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot!

For those of you that remember ASH Alumni Emma Louise Harper (Class of 2009) and Lluis Blanc (Class of 2009), you will be please to read that the two High School sweethearts were married in 2016 - and we just heard the wonderful news! Direct from the source (Adriana, mother of Lluis), enjoy reading this lovely recount of their sweet love story that started while they were students at ASH, and details of their wedding celebrations with family and many friends from ASH. Congratulations to these two unforgettable Alumni on saying "I do", and thanks to proud mama Adriana for sharing.

Emma Louise Harper and Lluis Blanc met at the (ASH) student ambassador's program when Lluis arrived from Damascus Syria in his Junior year in 2007.

The story is that that very same day, they saw each other in the theater, and that afternoon, Emma told her mom Louise (who was a teacher at ASH than), "Mom, I just met my future husband!" Little did they know that the story would come true. Emma invited Lluis to the Saddie Hawkin's dance later that year and their love story began there.

Lluis had planned to go study in the U.S., but in the end he chose Exeter in the UK and Emma chose Southhampton. They continued there long term relationship until they graduated in 2012. Lluis landed a job in London with Lloyd's Bank and Emma went on to get her Master's Degree in Education at Cambridge. Two years later Emma moved to London where they shared an apartment with a university friend of Emma's.

In 2015, after Lluis came to The Netherlands to Nita's graduation, he announced to us that he wanted to propose to Emma that weekend.
So he invited her for a walk at the DePauw Park, where they took many walks while they were dating, with their dogs Sfitzer and Laia, and where he had carved on a tree PROM EMMA? their junior year in High School, to ask her to their prom. It was there, in this park where they had so many loving memories, that he went down on one knee and proposed! It was all very exciting!

They married at church in Godalming, Surrey, Emma's hometown, on July 22, 2016. Her parents brought their favorite Oreo Cake from Bagle Alley in Wassenaar, along with the cute Dutch boy and girl kissing ornament, which is so representative of their Dutch love story. One week later, they had their big wedding party in Spain, near our hometown in Tarragona, on the 31st of July. We had many ASH alumni as guests, it was beautiful!

They are now two years into their marriage and living in Barcelona. Lluis is pursuing is MBA at IESE, top ranked program in Europe, and Emma is working as a pre-school teacher at the American School of Barcelona. They both love living here but most likely will have to leave to wherever Lluis gets a job when he graduates.

I love ASH love stories, and I know this is not the only one. ASH is such a special place and the Student Ambassador Program is amazing. In the group photo of the wedding, there are a few ASH graduates:
Matt Harper, Denny Meredith, Rickard Sunden, Shiv Sensarma, Ines Costa, Larska Sopnel, Silvia Matussi, Jordi and Nita Blanc and Jessica Bank. Sar Ziv and Jordan and Cameron Van Vyk had to leave earlier so missed the photo. It was taken at 6am, Spainish style! Congratulations to our two love birds.
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