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Poetry Walk Ignites Reflection

Our High School Creative Writing students have written a range of 'ekphrastic' and 'blackout poetry', which are currently on display as a Poetry Walk in the High School Library. The students pushed themselves to create engaging literary works and display them in an interactive format that allows you to read the works while walking through a part of the library.

Ekphrastic poetry is the result of engaging with art and using that art as inspiration for written art. The students visited the Voorlinden Museum in Wassenaar to contemplate and interact with paintings by Wayne Thiebaud, Song Dong's Through the Wall, James Turrell's Skyspace, Mueck's Couple Under an Umbrella and a range of art in the "Rhapsody in Blue" Exhibition. These poems are exhibited on the end of shelves and the tall display boards, alongside photos of the art pieces which provided inspiration for their work.

'Blackout' poetry is a form of appropriation art. Students take already published writing and black out words they don't want to be read, leaving others visible to create a new form of writing. These poems have been made into mobiles and are hanging by the window on the left side of the library.

High School Librarian Anthony Tilke and High School Library Assistant Malin Rosengren have been invaluable in helping the students get this exhibition ready, alongside the support and guidance of their English teacher Jo Hanson. The exhibition is open to the public to explore the student work and artistry through Wednesday, November 21. Don’t miss this provoking poetry walk!
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