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Sport Hall Renovation Update

The renovations to the Sport Hall are now in full swing, and hopefully wrapping up as the new school year starts mid August 2018. With the students and teachers out for summer, the work can really press forward on a large scale. The mezzanine is near to completion, as well as the spaces for the new multi-purpose room and fitness room, storage and kitchenette. One of these rooms will be used for fitness, weight training and exercise machines, and the other will be designated for group activities like Yoga, Zumba, etc. The floor in the multi-purpose room was created with special materials that are softer and shock absorbent, making it the perfect place for high impact cardio and aerobic training. The 3rd court has been added and enclosed behind the existing outer blue - enclosing the entire perimeter of the Sport Hall space. The space itself is designed with a more open feel and natural lighting, as there are multiple windows on the new and existing exterior walls, linearly placed lighting to make the space look larger, and a wall of mirrors in the upstairs mezzanine that give additional light reflection. There is also extensive storage space added for sports equipment on the ground level, and a large access door for easy transport of bigger equipment to the bigger storage space.

To summarize: the end result of the upgrade will see an expansion of the number of courts (from 2 to 3), a redesign and expansion of the fitness, storage, office and multi-purpose rooms, construction of a mezzanine, seating for 230 spectators, kitchen facilities for the sale of concessions, and new emergency exits that allow for a better execution of the campus evacuation plan. The new extension is being built with state of the art insulation material, which acts as a sound buffer, and the entire Sport Hall will be fitted with a new sound system by the top brand Bose. Each court will also have its own live streaming feed for multiple game coverage; especially handy during athletic tournaments hosted by ASH.

In total, this will increase the size of the Sport Hall to an massive 2,810m2. This update to the Sport Hall facilities enhances a key space that is used and appreciated by the entire ASH Community. It’s exciting to see all of the hard work finally coming together, with the impressive final product soon in sight. By August 15th, the project will be officially handed over from the contractors to ASH.

Stay tuned for the completion!
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