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ASH Students Excel at Math

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Celebrating Our International Math Competition Participants
By Serene Ottes, Middle School Enrichment

This April 2018, over 33,000 students from the United States and around the world who were eager for a math challenge, participated in the Spring Noetic Math Competition. 146 ASH Middle School students signed up to be among them. The goal of the competition is to encourage students' interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in Math.

With only 45 minutes to complete 20 word problems, most of the students decided to participate in optional practice sessions ahead of time, to discuss strategies for problems like:

“Anna had a meeting at a cafe 1 kilometer away from her house. The meeting was at 20:00.  She left her home at 19:40. Initially she walked at a constant speed of 2 kilometers per hour. Halfway there, she realized that she would be late, so she started to run.  If she ran at a constant speed, what speed did Anna have to run in order to arrive at the cafe on time?”

ASH students acquitted themselves well.  In ASH’s first year of participating in this competition, no less than 54 students achieved ‘Honorable Mention’ for having scored in the top 50% of all participants.  Four ASH students made the ‘Honor Roll’, scoring in the top 10% of all participants. The students were divided into “teams” and the top scorer in each team will be receiving a medal, as well as the Honor Roll students.

Honor Roll Students
Lucas T.(Grade 5)
Eskil F. (Grade 5)
Isaac K. (Grade 6)
Katharina J. (Grade 6)

Team Winners
Lucas T. (Grade 5)
Katharina J. (Grade 6)
Zeina R. (Grade 6)
Franek W. (Grade 7)
Hunter M. (Grade 7)
Chloe L. (Grade 7)
Hongyu C. (Grade 7)
Tian Yu Z. (Grade 8)
Michelle C. (Grade 8)

Full ASH Team Winner and Honorable Mention results can be found here.

Congratulations to all the winners!. The contest results demonstrate our students’ great problem solving skills and Math talents. 
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