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Middle School Musical

by Sebastian
The Little Mermaid Jr.

“Teenagers!  Give ‘em an inch and they swim all over you.” 

These teenage merfolk were fabulous!  The Little Mermaid Jr. had a cast of 43 actors made up of 5th through 8th grade students.  The show had an enthusiastic crew made up of 38 students from 7th through 12th grade, who ran the lighting, sound, microphones, makeup, organized and carried out the scene changes and were great role models for the middle school actors.   Behind the scenes parents helped with everything - T-shirts, ushering, costumes, makeup, providing snacks, the after show party and much more. The Technical Theater class - 9th through 12th grade students - created and built wonderful sets.   The Creative Team, who ran rehearsals and directed the show consisted of 3 teachers, Mignon van Beusekom, Melissa Richardson and Caroline Hurd. We rehearsed for 14 weeks, three times a week from January to the beginning of May.

The audience travelled from Prince Eric’s ship in the middle of the ocean, to the underwater world of King Triton, up to the surface to the beach, down underwater again to Ursula’s lair at a fast pace, experiencing storms at sea, whirlpools and magic spells.  The well-known characters were brought to life and undersea and above sea worlds were magically created. Everyone acted, sang and danced beautifully. The entire cast and crew were extremely professional. We are all very proud we could be part of that world.
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