Technology in Middle School

The Middle School has a resource-rich environment where technology is ubiquitous and is used as a tool when and where needed. Each student has the use of a laptop beginning in grade 5. In grades 5 and 6, students are responsible for using the laptop in school, but do not take it home. In grades 7 and 8 students take the laptop home each day and bring it to school charged up and ready for learning. See below for further information about the 1:1 laptop program.

The Information Technology teachers are specialists who teach IT courses. Students learn a variety of practical technology skills along with media literacy, computational thinking and problem solving. In addition, IT teachers are available to support classroom teachers with integrating technology into the curriculum. This dual approach enables students to learn and practice IT skills in Information Technology courses as well as in the context of their other classes.

The IT teachers are responsible for delivering a scope and sequence of computer standards appropriate for Middle School students. These standards are based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. Every student completes a nine-week IT class every year of Middle School.

Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety and Information Privacy are all discussed in the context of IT courses. All Middle School students are introduced to keyboarding as part of their regularly scheduled IT courses and are expected to reach the goal of typing at least 35 words per minute during 8th Grade. Students have access to the Typing Pal Website both in and out of school and can continue to practice these skills at home.

At ASH, we believe that learning how to use information technology effectively enables students to develop into creative problem solvers, ethical users, logical thinkers and positive global citizens. Our program provides students with digital age knowledge and skills that are vital for preparing them to live, work, and contribute to a globally connected world.
Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 

- Arthur C. Clarke

Laptop Program

Our 1:1 Laptop Program focuses on using technology to improve teaching and learning. We began the program in 2008 in the Middle School, and as those students have moved up the grades, it has extended into High School. Now all students in Grades 6 through 12 are part of the 1:1 Laptop Program. Putting a laptop in the hands of each student helps them develop the skills necessary to be successful in today’s world.
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