Admissions Policy

Admission to American School of The Hague (ASH) shall be based on data submitted as required by the professional staff to determine:
1. The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available;
2. The ability of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant.
3. Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, race, creed or gender.
The school wishes to accept all qualified applicants and shall make every effort to provide facilities needed for the expected enrollment. Whenever, in the professional opinion of the Superintendent qualified applicants cannot be accommodated, admission to the school may be closed, in total or by grade level(s). In a period of closed admissions, the Superintendent will hold final review and discretion for admissions to the school.
In the event of a waiting list, the applicants for admission will be placed into categories for priority. The priority categories are as follows:
A  Dependents of ASH Employees
    Pre-paid certificate holders
B  Siblings of students already enrolled at ASH
    Students re-enrolling to ASH from schools located outside The Netherlands
    Dependents of ASH Alumni
C  Students transferring from a school outside The Netherlands but following a North American style program.
D  Students transferring from schools located internationally
E  Students transferring from schools located within The Netherlands*
*Exception: students attending a school located within The Netherlands due to a waiting list at ASH.
This policy came into effect on December 1, 2008.
University preparatory program for ages 3-18. Fully accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

American School of The Hague