Community Engagement at ASH

ASH strives to foster a culture of community engagement by providing all members of our community with the skills and the confidence necessary to actively give their time, energy and talents in order to make a difference and create a better world.

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  • Our Beliefs

    • ​Every member of a community has the ability and responsibility to contribute positively to society and to the environment.
    • Meaningful community engagement is relevant to all stakeholders and builds genuine partnerships.
    • Service experiences provide unique opportunities for challenging prejudices, respecting differences and working together that can enhance and intensify learning. 
    • Students occupy a vital role in a community, because with their youthful perspectives, idealism, energy, creativity, and commitment, they can have a positive influence.
    • Authentic service experiences allow students to combine the ASH Core Values with classroom learning.
    • Opportunities for taking action stimulate and enable students to do something about the causes they care about, and thus empower them to bring about change.
    • Educators have an obligation to create opportunities for learners to step out of their comfort zones because these experiences provide the greatest potential for learning.
    • Well-designed service initiatives that are embedded in the curriculum enrich and improve student learning as well as the community in which we live.
    • Inspiring students to learn the importance of compassion, empathy, honesty, equality, integrity and community engagement helps create passionate and life-long contributing members of society.
    • Creating sustainable initiatives and communities is a journey, not a destination.
  • Our Priorities

    • Inspire students to be active participants in the continuous improvement of the well being for everyone at our school and in our community.
    • Build a web of interconnections between the school’s educational programs and the needs and assets of our community in order to inspire the next generation of mindful, engaged, and reflective global citizen leaders.
    • Ensure that all service initiatives are carefully researched, selected and grounded in established instructional best practices.
    • Provide continuous high quality training and support to all stakeholders, including teachers, community partners, parents and students.
    • Reflect on successes and challenges: celebrate accomplishments, analyze mistakes, and continually strive to improve our practice.

For Students

ASH has a long tradition of community engagement and students are involved in a variety of service initiatives at school, in the local community as well as with our Global Service Partners. In our student section, students can find useful information about what they can do and who they should contact to get started. Students can login on InsideASH to find all resources.

For Teachers

Service Learning is the methodology used by teachers to connect content, skills, and/or dispositions taught in school to a genuine need in the community. Our teachers section contains information about how and why to implement service learning in the classroom as well as teacher support materials and resources. Teachers can login on InsideASH to find more resources.

For Parents

Parents play an important part in the education process of their children, both as mentors for the students' service initiatives as well as role models through their own volunteering activities. In our parents section, you can find information about how you can help students get involved in the community or how you can be a role model by volunteering your own time and talents both locally as well as with our Global Service Partners.

For Community Partners

Organizations, either locally or further afield, that want to work with us and develop opportunities where our students can apply their talents and energy in a real life setting, are invited to become one of our service partners. Please contact our CAS & Service Learning Coordinator for more information.
​Check out the Star Fish story, based on the writings of Loren Eiseley, in this short video. It provides a great metaphor for explaining the idea of "making a difference" and choosing your cause. 

Making a Difference

What's Wrong With Volunteer Travel?

For the most current information about our connections to the community near and far, follow us on Facebook via "Action at ASH "
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