as an educator

Before beginning a day of teaching I like to start with a quick morning workout in the fitness center (found in our sports hall).

I take this time to set up and prepare for the day's learning ahead.

Today I’m teaching during the first block of the day and I love harnessing the students’ morning energy into my lesson.

During the morning break I love going to the cafeteria to grab a yoghurt with muesli and a freshly squeezed orange juice.

This is my chance to plan lessons, evaluate student work and put time into the co-curricular activities I help out with.

This is my chance to stop by the staff lounge, catch up with colleagues and grab a coffee or make some tea before going into my next teaching block.

On most days, this time before lunch is one of my teaching blocks. On Wednesdays we have a slightly different schedule, which includes a 30 minutes advisory block where we discuss relevant issues affecting our students including responsible digital citizenship and bullying.

Some days I try to bring my lunch but on other days (like today!) I like to check out the hot lunch option in the cafeteria or grab a selection from the salad bar.

It’s the last class of the day and I like to keep my students focused and energized at the end of the day with practical activities. On a Wednesday, we end the day at 14:30 to allow for faculty meetings, professional development, and community of learning meetings.

In the winter season, I coach basketball and throughout the week I am busy with trainings or games. I love being involved with athletics at ASH in this way and throughout the different playing seasons there’s different coaching options available. Plus there are opportunities for coaching, coordinating and contributing to plenty of other co-curricular activities.