I check my emails for any messages from my teachers about virtual meetings or activities I need to look at. Then I log onto my virtual learning platform, I scan through my classes to get an idea of what we will be learning today and the assignments I will be doing.

I have a virtual meeting to discuss our group assignment using audio recording software. We’re composing an audio story by contributing our various voice and background sound recordings and making it as enticing as we possibly can. So much fun!

I grab a snack, go outside to get fresh air and get ready for my next class. I’m so glad the weather has been nice and the sun is shining.

Today starts with a teacher video lesson on music theory. After responding to a few questions in a virtual group chat session, I practice my Star Wars piece on the saxophone. When I feel ready, I record my piece and upload it onto the portal for teacher listening and feedback.

Since it's a sunny day, after I eat my lunch, I go outside to play basketball and jump on my trampoline in the garden.

For math we have a live video stream scheduled with the entire class. Afterward, we check out of the meeting, work on our individual assignments and submit them to our teacher via the virtual learning platform.

We are still following a schedule for the day, even though we aren’t physically at school, so during my afternoon break, I catch up with my friends online - just like we would on campus.

We start the lesson with an audio story, after which we record and upload our responses to the teacher's questions. The teacher then listens, records and submits her spoken feedback to each of us individually via the portal, while we work on our written assignments.

I eat a snack and prepare any homework that I need to submit via our virtual learning portal.

I check in with my tennis coach and review an uploaded tutorial on today's technique - the volley. I warm-up with a run around the block, then I practice my volley against our house wall, record myself and upload this onto the virtual portal for my coach's review and feedback.



We build a better world as we become better human beings, hear and value every voice, keep every promise, and celebrate every achievement. 


We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.