Daycare for Ages 0-3

Daycare at ASH is located in the Early Childhood Center campus (ECC) and provided by Teddy Kids, which operates and provides care and education to children ages 0-3 years old.

In our beautiful facility with a spacious outdoor play area, the Teddy Kids daycare center strives to offer the best home environment with an international twist for your child(ren).

We have customized the daycare to suit the needs of both the staff and parent communities at ASH. Visit the Teddy Kids website and contact them directly for further information, a tour or to sign your child up for daycare.

After School Childcare for Ages 3 - 14

We offer after-school childcare for students ages 3 - 14 who are enrolled at ASH. Our service is available every day after school dismissal time until 6.30pm, and on days that ASH has noon-dismissal or is fully closed (except for national holidays). 

Our center is located across the main campus and features beautiful light rooms and wide open fields to play outside. Children from the Early Childhood Center travel to us by bus and our staff collect ASH students from our main campus. 

Our enthusiastic team is looking forward to welcoming you and your family! Learn more about this service and the service fees as part of your admissions journey.





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