We have been offering the IB Diploma Program at ASH since 1995, with graduates going on to many of the finest universities around the world. Top universities recognize the academic integrity of the Diploma Program, its academic range, and the high level of study skills each student is encouraged to develop. The small class sizes at ASH guarantee a high degree of individual attention and students benefit from our faculty’s experience in delivering this program. This approach is reflected in ASH’s students’ outstanding results. (see IB Brochure)

IB Diploma Outline

Over the course of the two-year programme, IB Diploma candidates

  • study six subjects chosen from the six subject groups
  • complete an independent extended essay of 4000 words (EE)
  • follow a theory of knowledge course (TOK)
  • participate in creativity, action, service (CAS).
The six subject groups are Language, Second Language, Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts.
  • three of the six subjects are studied at the higher level (courses representing 240 teaching hours)
  • the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level (courses representing 150 teaching hours).
IB Subjects offered: (subjects offered at both HL and SL unless otherwise indicated)

Group 1: Language A - English Literature, English Language & Literature
               Dutch Language & Literature
               Language A tutorials in other languages
Group 2: Language B - Dutch, French, German, Spanish. 
               Language Ab - Initio Spanish and German.
Group 3: History (Europe), Psychology, Economics HL, Information Technology for a Global Society SL
Group 4: Biology, Chemistry HL, Physics, Environmental Science & Society SL, Computer Science SL
Group 5: Math HL, Math SL, and Math Studies SL
Group 6: Music, Theater Arts, Visual Arts


  • IB Brochure 2018
    Information on the ASH HS program, test results, High School offerings and university acceptances.


List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program®?

    The IB Diploma Program® is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university course that demands the best from motivated students and teachers. This sophisticated two-year curriculum covers a wide range of academic subjects and has stood the test of time for over half a million students in 119 countries since 1968. IB Diploma Program graduates are welcomed by the world’s leading universities. It is fully recognized as an entrance qualification to universities worldwide.
  • Q: Who Is Eligible?

    ASH offers a non-selective IB Diploma Program to our students. Entrance into the IB Diploma Program is open to any student who has covered the prerequisite courses and who demonstrates grade appropriate organizational skills and motivation. IB Diploma students typically plan their curriculum sequence in 9th or 10th grade to ensure they complete the necessary courses that best prepare them for the program they will take in grades 11 and 12.

    Students not taking the IB Diploma Program may consider enrolling in one or more IB Courses for certificates or look to the Advanced Placement (AP®) program as an alternative course of study. In addition, students are able to combine courses from both the IB and the programs to construct a unique academic experience tailored to their own interests and strengths.
University preparatory program for ages 3-18. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges - Commission on International Education (NEASC-CIE), following the personalized ACE Learning pathway of NEASC-CIE.

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