Diversity is celebrated at ASH. It provides us with a rich resource for building community. We align learning experiences with the needs of each student, and work closely with parents to support the success of every child. We take each student’s learning journey to heart and design the best #ASHExperience possible. To favorably meet the needs of our diverse group of learners, we offer a wide range of learning programs for a managed number of students. In addition to the range of academic support available, our Student Support Team includes, an Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapists and Counselors. Questions about Student Support at ASH should be directed to Donna Chuula, Student Support Director, at dchuula@ash.nl.

ASH invites applications from students with identified learning differences. We review each application carefully to ensure we have the resources to provide a level of academic, social and emotional support that meets each student’s needs and allows for maximum success.

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Our Student Support Programs 


Multilingual Learners/English As an Additional Language

The multilingual learner (EAL) department supports students’ English acquisition and their academic journey at ASH. We promote the rich linguistic profiles they bring to our school as we welcome them in becoming part of the ASH community. We endeavor to provide an environment that supports, encourages and values the contributions of all multilingual learners, as they acquire the English language and skills necessary for social and academic success at ASH and beyond.

Multilingual students are an important part of the wider ASH learning community from the moment they begin at our school. Our multilingual learner/EAL program is designed by language acquisition specialists for learners in Pre-K through Grade 12.  It is structured around the different stages of language acquisition and the appropriate instructional pedagogy for the age of the learners.  We provide targeted and specific English language learning instruction, alongside a collaborative model where both classroom teachers and language specialists ‘co-teach’ for content and language knowledge. (For specific divisional multilingual/EAL models of support at ASH, please see the divisional curriculum sections.)



Special Education

Our Special Education program is designed for learners in grades  3 to 12 with formally identified disabilities requiring an intensive level of support. The program is individualized for each child and includes developmentally appropriate functional academics and life skills instruction, combined with access to a  modified grade-level curriculum. Throughout the day, and depending on interests and strengths, the students  participatein activities and/or classes with a cohort of their peers.

Our Special Education program offers alearning environment led by a certified special education teacher, who develops and guides the learning goals for each student, modifies the grade level curriculum as needed, and ensures that all students have the support needed to gain greater independence and achieve success. In a small classroom environment our students receive individualized core academic and adaptive skills instruction as well as the maximum opportunities for inclusion in the ASH program; students are fully embraced members of our community.


Learning Support

Learning Support is available for a managed number of learners in grades 1 to 12 who demonstrate challenges accessing the grade level curriculum, despite high quality teacher intervention. Our program is based on a Multi-Tiered System of Support and works with the student to provide developmentally appropriate remediation and academic skills support within the grade-level curriculum; we support students in their areas of challenge while capitalizing on their strengths. Support may be long term or short term and decisions about specific levels of support are made using an inclusive, collaborative process. We partner with external organizations who complete comprehensive educational assessments for students that inform our support and interventions. 



We believe that a student-driven inquiry approach allows all learners to engage with their interests and strengths and enjoy a challenging learning experience. Enrichment experiences are available to all students, and are based on student choice. Project-based enrichment allows students to use their leadership skills and creativity to achieve success individually and in multi-age groups. A focus on autonomy, flexible thinking, hard work, mentorship and perseverance allows students to demonstrate high levels of performance, pursue their dreams and goals and re-envision the future.



Our schoolwide counseling team provides proactive and responsive services to students and parents using an approach aligned with the four domains of the ISCA model: Academic, Personal Social, Global Perspectives, and Career. The counselors are key participants in our multidisciplinary student support teams and aim to ensure that everyone learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. The team is an important support to our learners and strives to ensure their safety and comfort while at school.


Health Services

At ASH we promote, support, and protect student and employee health. Our goal is to enable general well-being, success for learning, and a balanced healthy lifestyle, through both physical and emotional support during school hours. 

The on-campus qualified school nurses are the health care professionals who handle immediate illness as well as makes injury assessments and interventions.