I started my day off with an algebra quiz. Luckily, I felt well prepared for it thanks to the revision techniques I learned in class.

My friends and I make a quick stop in the cafeteria during break to grab a healthy snack before our next class.

Today, in orchestra, we are preparing to play in a community concert. We are also studying music theory.

 Today, my pick is the hot lunch option because it is my favorite, lasagna! Afterwards, I play soccer outside on the playground.

In advisory, we talk about digital citizenship, and how to stay safe online.

This is one of my favorite classes because we get to investigate, plan, design, prototype, and evaluate solutions to different problems. 

During this quick break, I go outside and catch up with my friends before heading to my final class of the day.

In our inquiry unit, we have been learning about Native North Americans, empire building in the form of colonialism, and asking ourselves "what is the price of progress?"

As part of our ASH Speaker Series, I listen to author R.J. Palacio's talk about what inspired her to write Wonder. I even get to have her sign my copy of the book!

After school today I have rehearsal for our middle school musical. I am passionate about the Performing Arts and so grateful that ASH has a musical for my grade level.