We take the wellbeing of our students to heart and promote the emotional, social and academic growth of all learners. Our counseling team facilitates and guides our student wellness programs, ensuring that everyone learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.

The team is an important support to our learners and strives to ensure their safety and comfort while at school. They help our students adjust to life in middle school in conjunction with our student ambassadors, facilitate the development of social strategies and problem-solving skills, and help students become holistic learners.

We also provide our students opportunities to grow and develop beyond our academic program. Our Color House system helps build our students’ sense of community and belonging, and offers leadership skills development opportunities to those elected to serve on the House Council.  

Our Color House representatives are responsible for hosting special assemblies and organizing socials that are designed to provide a safe, fun evening, filled with activities and music. 

Our middle school advisory program is also designed to focus on the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and psychological development of our students. Each student is assigned an advisor to offer support and together with a group of other students they meet daily.

ASH also hosts a Project Week every year for our middle schoolers (an offsite, activities-based week away around the Netherlands), with the purpose of providing safe, fun and engaging experiences to facilitate personal and interpersonal development.


We build a better world as we become better human beings, hear and value every voice, keep every promise, and celebrate every achievement. 


We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.