In my first class of the day, we are starting our environmental systems unit.

This is my time to recharge between classes, grab a snack from the cafeteria, and catch up with my friends.

As part of this course, we focus on video production and animation.

A quick break before our afternoon begins. I am preparing for a presentation in my next class.

We have been studying Shakespeare and today in class, I am presenting my literary analysis.

On Wednesdays, we have a slightly different schedule, which includes a 30 minute advisory block where we discuss issues affecting teens, including responsible social citizenship and bullying.

Today, I spend lunch at our student-run Journalism club, where we’re working on the latest issue of The Trojan Times, which is our digital newspaper.

In my last class of the day, we are studying the influence of geography, economics, and history on medieval society.

We’re training on the ASH field today. This is the last practice before we travel to the International School of Luxembourg for our final competition of the season.

Tonight, we're performing at the ASH Speaker Series, where some of my friends will talk about their work with refugees in our community.