At ASH, we believe in balancing the educational needs of our students with their social, emotional and physical development. Through our high school co-curricular program, we encourage our students to pursue their unique interests through various activities, clubs and experiences related to sports, service, leadership, advocacy, art, culture, and adventure. ASH’s membership to several associations offer opportunities for collaboration and competition among international students across Europe.

We offer a rich array of programs unique to the #ASHexperience and very much a part of who we are as a learning environment. Our team sports include volleyball, soccer, swimming, basketball, cross country, and track and field.

Many of our clubs are student-led, giving our students the chance to organize themselves and take control of their own learning. Our student-led clubs range from drama, robotics, podcasting and journalism to language classes, art, film, and mathematics. 

Our Student Senate helps build community among our high school students and offers opportunities for leadership skills development to those elected to serve on the Senate.

At the Activities Assembly at the start of the year, students, coaches, and sponsors explain what’s on offer to high school students. Throughout the year, events and activities also include Career Days, Tips from Recent Graduates Day, Extravaganza, International Day and World Peace Day, where our students learn about themselves, the ASH community and the world.

Our co-curriculars menu includes

the following...


Math Club
Model United Nations
Music Lessons
Robotics Club
Service Trips
Speech and Debate Tournaments
Student Ambassadors
Sustain ASH
Trade and Finance Organization


We build a better world as we become better human beings, hear and value every voice, keep every promise, and celebrate every achievement. 


We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.