Our COVID Response 


Situation updates

Latest Covid News

Covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise throughout Europe and we are beginning a fall wave.

Please continue to frequently wash hands with soap and water, keep 1.5 meter distance, ensure adequate ventilation and wear a mask in areas that are crowded and/or poorly ventilated.

Have you seen the new Netherlands Coronameter? It was developed to identify how much Coronavirus is circulating and impacting communities.

  • Level 1 means low incidence of Covid. 
  • Level 2 means increased incidence of Covid.
  • Level 3 means increased incidence AND the health sector/hospitals are impacted.
  • Level 4 is the highest level with incidence and impact on hospitals noted throughout the greater community.

As of the week of October 17, the Netherlands increased to Coronameter level 2.


Our ASH Roadmap 

Our Learning Roadmap offers an overview of what school at ASH may look like during the 2021-2022 school year:

  1. On-campus Learning
  2. Hybrid Learning
  3. Virtual Learning

As the circumstances mandate, we are ready to flexibly pivot across these 3 models ensuring the continuity of engaging and flexible learning that is responsive to the current pandemic. These three models are independent and exclusive. At any single moment, we will only operate in one of these three models. Each model comes with adapted social-emotional programs and child protection policies to support the mental and physical well-being of our students as they learn at school or at home. 

Since the start of the new school year we follow our on-campus learning model. 

Global conditions and government responses are dynamic with frequent changes. At ASH, we will continue to follow the guidelines of the Dutch government and prioritize the health and safety of our community.