After biking to school, I park my bike in the shed and then I play with my friends on the playground before we start class.

My first class of the day begins at 8:30 on the main campus because I’m in grade three. My sister, who is in pre-kindergarten is at the ECC campus.

During recess, I get to play and enjoy the fresh air. My friends and I love the playground and the other outdoor play spaces.

We are back in class and it’s time for our Dutch lesson. I didn’t know any Dutch before coming to ASH, but my teacher makes learning this language fun.

Today, I chose the hot lunch option from the cafeteria, and then enjoyed playing with my friends. We have been learning about food waste, so I always try to finish my lunch and make good choices to help our environment.

One more break before our last class of the day. I love having more time to play on the playground and being outside.

After lunch, it’s time for more learning. Music is one of my favorite classes.

Our last class of the day is physical education. Today, we practice tumbling in the gym. I improve my skills during every class.

On Thursdays and Fridays, I have my favorite co-curricular activity: Ms. Molina’s art club. It’s so much fun!