The ASH elementary curriculum provides a strong foundation for students' academic, social, and emotional growth. At the heart of this curriculum is the focus on building relationships among teachers, students, and families that form a vibrant, inclusive school community. Our strong ASH community starts with a classroom environment where student well-being is a cornerstone of success and joyful learning. We take the wellbeing of our students to heart and promote the emotional, social and academic growth of all learners. ASH students feel safe, valued, and supported as they use our core values of empathy, integrity, communication, responsibility and respect.

 ASH is accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), founded on the principle that self-reflection and candid feedback are essential to ongoing educational success. 

All classroom teachers explicitly teach the core academic subjects of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Our curriculum is guided by the Common Core Standards to ensure transferability for our students and their families, as well as to provide a K-12 framework for learning outcomes. ASH elementary students also study Dutch, art, library, music, and physical education.  

We care about our students’ growth as learners and recognize that each student has unique needs, skills and interests. Personalized learning opportunities are an essential part of the ASH elementary curriculum. Teachers follow our standards to explicitly teach necessary skills and use a variety of strategies to tailor instruction to each student's learning style and abilities. This ensures that students are challenged and engaged in their learning. 

Inquiry is an integral component of our instruction. Teachers encourage students to ask questions, investigate problems, and explore new ideas. ASH elementary students experience curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity during their school days. They are provided with opportunities to make choices, take risks, and learn from their mistakes while developing confidence and resilience. 

We believe in the benefits of outdoor learning for both academic, personal, and social development. We incorporate outdoor learning experiences for students to connect with the natural world, including daily outdoor play. Wherever you stand in our buildings, you will be able to see nature.

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Elementary School Signature Programs

ASH offers a wide range of activities. From daytime activities to after-school clubs and an extensive athletics program. Some after-school activities include the Maker's Club, Literature and Writing, Drama, Strings, Scouting, Science, etc. For Elementary School students there are some athletics offered like swimming, for more information visit the Activities & Clubs page or contact athletics@ash.nl or afterschoolactivity@ash.nl.