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American School of The Hague is dedicated to providing an outstanding student-centered education while deeply connecting to the rich cultural traditions of the Netherlands.


Our Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway builds on the strength of our curriculum, developing proficiency in both Dutch and English, further broadening future opportunities available to our students.

The Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway

Beginning in Kindergarten for the 2024-25 academic year, your child will build robust Dutch and English foundations, developing proficiency in both languages throughout their ASH journey. 

Students in our Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway will get so much more than just a great education. Your child will benefit from the full ASH Experience and be part of our amazing school community where children from more than 70 nationalities learn and grow.

ASH will also offer Dutch-enhanced PreKindergarten beginning for the 2024-25 academic year.

Now Accepting applications for Kindergarten

Is the Dual Language Pathway Right for Your Child?

The Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway is an exciting addition to the ASH Experience. Starting in 2024, this pathway kicks off in Kindergarten and will expand through Elementary and Middle School in the years to come.

The Dual Language Pathway is ideal for:

  • Families with Dutch roots and global aspirations for their child.

  • Local and international families who plan to make the Netherlands their home but also want to keep the option open for an international move.

  • Families seeking to provide their child with both local and global university opportunities.

Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway Curriculum

Our dedicated teaching staff will support your child’s academic and dual language development through direct classroom instruction, hands-on learning, and an interdisciplinary approach in our stunning Early Childhood Center – a hub of curiosity, community, and outdoor learning.

The Dual Language Pathway matches the ASH curriculum, with similar resources, instructional opportunities and student experiences throughout the school day. The dual language classroom aligns with the English-speaking classrooms with opportunities to build strong student communities, engage in outdoor learning, and experience the breadth of our specialist offerings including STEM, art, music, and physical education.

Led by both native Dutch and English-speaking teachers, students will have language learning opportunities in both Dutch and English. During the first years of the pathway, instruction will be primarily in Dutch. 

With each grade level, more formal English instruction will be added, eventually offering balanced dual language instruction in both languages to seamlessly integrate Dutch and English throughout the curriculum with strong literacy development in both languages.

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