ASH is accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), founded on the principle that self-reflection and candid feedback are essential to ongoing educational success. Our curriculum is guided by the Common Core Standards to ensure transferability for our students and their families, as well as to provide a K-12 framework for learning outcomes.

While learning at ASH reflects an American educational philosophy, the diverse student backgrounds foster teaching and learning in the context of international understanding and global responsibility. Curriculum at ASH is overseen by our Director of Curriculum and Staff Development and you are also welcome to reach out to her via email -

We believe it is essential for all grade level students to have a well rounded learning experience from core academics to specialty subjects where they can develop the understanding, skills and dispositions that will enable them to continue learning throughout their lives.


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We take the wellbeing of our students to heart and promote the emotional, social and academic growth of all learners.



Our three locations are just a few minutes walk apart from each other and 72 percent of our students ride their bikes to school along the safe bike paths in our community. 


In addition to being a school of academic excellence, we practice upmost care of our wellbeing.


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