All ASH students have the opportunity to join our extensive seasonal athletics program that includes 10 sports and countless opportunities to compete both local and internationally.
ASH state-of-the-art athletic facilities include outdoor sports fields and athletic courts on each of our campuses. Two indoor sport halls and a modern gym on the Main Campus. Our peaceful location in Wassenaar allows our students to extend their training beyond our campus, and into the surrounding lustrous green areas.
As a founding member of International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST), ASH has a robust track record in inter-school tournaments.
The ASH athletics program encourages our students to grow and develop both as people and players. Our athletes develop their technical skills, endurance levels, and sports strategies and tactics. They also learn about the importance of team spirit, self-discipline, team work, goal-setting, and sportsmanship.

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Our athletics menu has 10 sports on offer

Our program is open to all students

We value team spirit, team work, goal setting and sportsmanship

ASH student athletes travel across Europe for meets and competitions


Middle School Athletics 

Soccer match outdoors


  • Boys’ U12 Soccer
  • Boys’ U14 Soccer
  • Girls’ U12 Volleyball
  • U14 Tennis
  • Cheer
  • Boys’ + Girls' Cross Country


Basketball team in action


  • Swimming
  • Boys’ U12 Basketball
  • Boys’ U14 Basketball
  • Girls’ U12 Basketball
  • Girls’ U14 Basketball


Baseball in action


  • Boys' U14 Volleyball
  • Girls’ U14 Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Baseball


High School Athletics 

Cross Country 2018


  • Boys’ JV Soccer
  • Boys’ Varsity Soccer
  • Girls’ JV Soccer
  • Girls’ Varsity Soccer
  • Boys’ JV Volleyball
  • Boys’ Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls’ JV Volleyball
  • Girls’ Varsity Volleyball
  • Boys’ + Girls’ Cross Country
ASH swimmer ready to compete in front of the swimming pool


  • Swimming
  • Boys’ JV Basketball
  • Boys’ Varsity Basketball
  • Girls’ JV Basketball
  • Girls’ Varsity Basketball




Girl's softball 2019


  • Boys’ Baseball
  • Girls’ Softball
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field