All ASH students have the opportunity to engage in the arts. We believe art is a crucial part of our holistic education endowing our learners with important lifelong skills, such as inquiry, creativity, empathy, resilience and teamwork.
Our commitment to the performing arts is shown by our involvement in the founding of AMIS (Association of Music in International Schools), active participation in International Schools Theater Association (ISTA), and development of unique signature programs, such as Extravaganza and the ASH Disney Program.
The modern art wing on our Main Campus includes a 480-seat theater, dedicated studios and classrooms. Family and friends can join our performances from afar thanks to our live streaming facilities.



Elementary School Arts 

Student watercolor artwork


During our art and music classes, our learners collaborate and delve deeply into the creative process, using the building blocks of artistic and musical concepts to cultivate a solid foundation in the range of creative arts.

In visual art, we engage in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and use textiles and clay to help boost our creative expression. The process of art making is just as important as the product; students are encouraged to stretch their skills and stimulate their imaginations. Exploring the concepts of color, texture, and design help our students express themselves creatively as well as teaching them the fundamentals of visual arts. While the students may produce single pieces of art, the entire campus is their canvas with their work showcased in the hallways and designated display spaces.

Our Spring Art Show Signature Program gives our elementary school students the opportunity to exhibit their work in an annual art show.


In music, we explore singing, dancing, composition, playing instruments, improvising and creating music. Our young musicians explore the intersections of music and movement with fun props like scarves, stuffed toys, bean bags, ribbons, and rhythm band instruments. Musical fundamentals like tempo dynamics, rhythm, melody, beats, repetition are key components that help our student learn how to express themselves through the dynamic language of music. Students explore the relationship between music and text; instrumental and vocal music, individual performance and group dynamics.

Our young musicians can broaden their musical horizons through our private music lesson program, offering over 20 different opportunities for private one-on-one lesson instruction with certified professionals.

Our Extravaganza Signature Program is one of the musical highlights of the year, offering students in grades 3 - 12 the opportunity to perform in an annual concert.

Middle School Arts
Middle School students posing on stage during the play


In dynamic theater, students learn and experiment with dance, drama and physical theater concepts through games, role-playing activities, group discussions and teamwork assignments.

In music, they cover a diverse range of topics and skills, including vocal and instrumental performance, composition and arrangement, world music and music history. From grade 5 on, during string or band lessons, students learn to play an orchestral instrument and become a proficient performer. During rehearsal-based choir classes, students explore their voices. They are introduced to hearing harmony and reading a choral score. Students strengthen their head and chest voice through refined breath, vowel, and vocal techniques. Students share what they learn in public concerts, developing their performance skills, and strengthening their performing confidence.

Through these courses our learners grow into knowledgeable musicians and proficient performers. They cultivate skills and an appreciation for music that will last beyond their time at ASH.

Our Middle School Musical is a highlight of our Signature Arts Programs where any student in middle school can be a part of the production, onstage as an actor or to take a role behind the scenes.

MS students in a circle looking at their lego creations with the architect during art class


Within the middle school we seek challenge and choice for all students. The Visual Art units are designed to give students the skills and knowledge to explore and discover issues and themes important to them through the use of the creative process.

As we educate students for the future creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and cultural awareness are a few of the characteristics beneficial for continued success. The study of art and design includes all of these important and great aspects. Units are designed around artistic behaviors that artists and designers use in the workplace. Examples include:  Artists and Designers Collaborate, Artists and Designers Experiment, and Artists and Designers Make Decisions. Specific work and themes used by practicing artists and designers are used as inspiration for projects.

Our art students have the opportunity to showcase their artistic creations in pop-up divisional shows as part of our Signature Arts Program.

High School Arts
HS Musical Wanted 2022


Beyond growing our stage confidence, learning to dance, act or make music offers many other benefits. Our performing arts students also learn how to improvise and adjust and adapt with confidence, empathize, and create. Music and theater provide an engaging experience that is central to our ASH core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, empathy and communication.

In high school, our students can choose two distinct streams to study, either through electives that offer courses such as musical theater, concert band and composition. Or through IB and AP courses, with the aim of completing Diploma or Certificate level studies.

Our Disney Signature Program is a standout musical experience for our high school students, giving our concert band and choir members the opportunity to learn from Disney Performing Arts Professionals in custom curated workshops.


Our visual arts program focuses on fostering inquiry, creativity, and independence. We encourage our students to communicate visually, become problem solvers and cultivate their appreciation for several kinds of art.

In high school, we offer an extensive program including; visual art, photography, video production and animation,  AP photography, yearbook, and IB art. When time permits, we take field trips to complement concepts studied in class. Our visual arts program is inclusive of all skill levels from novice to advanced. 

Our Annual IB Art Show is a highlight of our Signature Arts Programs, showcasing the exemplary work of our IB artists in a curated art show that they organize as part of their IB examination.