The Arts form a crucial part of our holistic education at ASH. They endow our learners with important skills, such as inquiry, creativity, empathy, resiliency and team work, for tomorrow’s dynamic learning and career paths.

ASH also offers an extensive arts exchange program in support of collaboration and competition among international students across the region. As part of their unique #ASHexperience, our student-artists gather several times a week and travel across Europe to compete in AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools) and ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) gatherings and meets with other schools. These opportunities help them nurture their sense of responsibility and independence, and practice hosting and being a respectful guest during their homestay.


Elementary School Arts 

During our art and music classes, our learners collaborate and delve deeply into the creative process. 

In art, we engage in drawing, painting, printmaking, and use textiles and clay to help boost our creative expression. 

In music, we explore singing, dancing, composition, and improvising.


Middle School Arts 

In middle school, we encourage our learners to embrace their creative and collaborative skills through our art and music programs. 

In art class, we explore art, drama, design technology, cinematography and dynamic theatre. 

In music, we cover a diverse range of topics and skills, including vocal and instrumental performance, composition and arrangement, world music and music history.

Through these courses our learners grow into knowledgeable musicians and proficient performers. They cultivate skills and an appreciation for music that will last beyond their time at ASH.


High School Performing Arts 

Beyond growing our stage confidence, learning to dance, act or make music offers many other benefits. Our performing arts students also learn how to improvise and adjust and adapt with confidence, empathize, and create. Music and theater provide an engaging experience that is central to our ASH core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, empathy and communication.

In high school, our students can choose two distinct streams to study, either through electives that offer courses such as musical theater, concert band and composition. Or through IB and AP courses, with the aim of completing Diploma or Certificate level studies.

We also offer a range of co-curricular performing arts opportunities such as the high school musical or play, and the ASH jazz band.  


High School Visual Arts 

Our visual arts program focuses on fostering inquiry, creativity, and independence. We encourage our students to communicate visually, become problem solvers and cultivate their appreciation for several kinds of art.

In high school, we offer an extensive program including; visual art, photography, video production and animation,  AP photography, yearbook, and IB art. When time permits, we take field trips to complement concepts studied in class. Our visual arts program is inclusive of all skill levels from novice to advanced. 



We build a better world as we become better human beings, hear and value every voice, keep every promise, and celebrate every achievement. 


We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.