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Welcome to the Elementary School Libraries!

Elementary School

Opening Times
ECC Library is open 08:15-16:15; closed 12:30-13:00 and Wednesdays after school

UE Library is open 08:00-16:00; closed 12:30-13:00 and Wednesdays after school
Welcome to the ES Libraries: Where Kids Come First!
They are your libraries!
Both the Early Childhood Center (ECC) Library and the Upper Elementary (UE) Libraries are for students, teachers and parents. ASH parents with children not yet in school are welcome with their little ones. Come visit us before, during, or after school.

What will my child do in the library?
Read, research, reflect and have fun!
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Are parents really welcome?
Absolutely! Parents are an integral part of their children's education and we encourage them to check out books and materials to read with their ASH students and their younger siblings. Both libraries have a variety of books for toddlers to grade four students, plus parenting and professional titles.
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What will you find in our library?
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What happens if we damage or lose a book?
Accidents can happen...
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Would you like to volunteer?
If you would be interested in volunteering in the library, let us know!
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