Private Music Lessons at ASH

Private lessons are one of the most effective ways of teaching music. The immediate guidance and feedback that a one-on-one teacher can give a student yields significant musical development. Students, who take private lessons progress faster, can perform at a higher level, and often gain greater enjoyment from their music.

As a service to our community, the American School of The Hague organizes a group of private teachers to teach here at ASH. If you are interested in studying with one of these teachers please fill out the form found on the right hand side of this page. A private music teacher will contact you. All private music teachers here at ASH establish their own prices, schedules, and cancellation policies. These topics will need to be discussed with each private teacher individually and agreed upon before lessons begin.

Costs of Private Music Lessons

As a guideline for our community, ASH has set the following limit to the amount each private teacher can charge for lessons:
  • 30-minute lessons: 25 Euro
  • 45-minute lessons: 35 Euro
  • 60-minute lessons: 45 Euro
There is often a great demand for private lessons and private teachers at ASH are not always able to accommodate every student. If a private teacher is not able to accommodate you for lessons you can choose to be put on a waiting list. Of course at any time you can also choose to look for other private teachers. There are many opportunities in The Hague and the surrounding communities.

Variety of Instruments and Lessons

Private music lessons are currently offered in:
  • Brass (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone)
  • Woodwind (Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Recorder)
  • Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, and Guitar)
  • Drums and Percussion
  • Piano
  • Voice
These lessons complement what students learn in the music curriculum, and provide more in-depth one-to-one instruction on an instrument or voice. We are fortunate to have a range of highly qualified private music teachers who teach here at ASH.

Any questions about taking private lessons or receiving high school credit can be directed to Mr. Fox at


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Who can take music lessons at ASH?

    All ASH students are eligible for private music instruction.
  • Q:

    When are lessons available?

    Scheduling is sometimes difficult. Most lessons must be scheduled right after school hours. Although most students would prefer to be scheduled right after school hours, sometimes this is not possible. Every effort is made to try to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but some flexibility is necessary in order that this be facilitated. A list of lesson dates will be given by the private teacher to the student at the beginning of every payment period.
  • Q: How much will the student need to practice at home?

    Daily home practice will be a very significant factor with your musical achievement and an expectation of every private teacher.

    Your private teacher is a dedicated professional musician who has committed his/her time to help you attain your ultimate music potential. It is important to understand that a sense of commitment is necessary in order to make this a positive musical endeavor.
  • Q: Can students receive High School credit for their lessons?

    Students enrolled in the High School (Grades 9-12) may receive High School course credit for private lessons (.25 credits per semester). Students wanting High School credit must fill out the Private Lessons For Credit Application found above and submit it to the High School office no later than the third week of the semester. Any questions about receiving High School credit can be direct to Mr. Fox at
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