Physical Education in the Elementary School

A comprehensive program of physical education (PE) and sports is another cornerstone of ASH’s philosophical commitment to each child’s full growth and well-being. Our Transition Kindergarten through grade four, co-ed physical education program strives to teach students skills for active lifetime participation through fun and movement-oriented activities. The focus is on fitness, individual improvement, cooperation and the development of a healthy and active lifestyle. Creative, age-appropriate activities are taught in a safe and structured environment. Elementary school students have their own facilities, custom designed to meet the needs of growing, active children. Outside of the Physical Education curriculum, Elementary School students can sign up for after school sports and movement activities.

Our goal is for the students to develop active and healthy lifestyles. This is achieved through time tested lessons and a well-developed, age-appropriate curriculum that encourages creativity, self- improvement and cooperation. Students learn skills through a fun, varied and experiential program of activities. Physical fitness, skill development and opportunities to develop team work and helpful play are central to achieving the goals of the program.

Physical Education at ASH takes our students beyond the obvious running, throwing and catching. They explore different ways to move, invent tricks, create routines. Students go to the limit of their adventurous mind to be brave and confident. Cooperating with others presents challenges, but also opportunities to learn from each other and give rise to greater learning. PE requires and often results in drawing the students towards diligent effort that results in sweat, excitement, twinkle in the eye fun that makes them come back for more.
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