Welcome From The Elementary School Principal

Have you heard of the African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child!”? What would it look like if we substituted the word “team” for village?

Here at American School of the Hague, we are proud to be a place where families of diverse backgrounds, races, religions and nationalities share our Core Values. We educate both the mind and the heart, beginning with our youngest learners here in the Elementary School. The atmosphere is nurturing and supportive, with a variety of skilled team members poised to meet the intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of all of our students. As such, we have an enduring dedication to the opportunities that will enrich your child’s educational journey. In part, this is made possible by a dynamic team of expert teachers, counselors, staff, and others who create relationships and form strong bonds with students that makes a difference in the lives of learners, young and old. This inspiring team of passionate professionals truly enrich our school and the lives of those entrusted to our care.

Our academic program is balanced and as you learn more about us, I am confident that you will see that our actions and beliefs make our school a special place. Whether in the classroom, hallway, atrium or on the playground, our students work hard as they welcome learning through discovery; hands-on learning, inquiry and exploring possibilities by asking deep questions that engage us in problem-solving strategies to find solutions to real-world issues.

We strive daily to be a school with high expectations, coupled with never-ending gifts of respect, empathy, responsibility, and patience. This year we will be working on our school-wide strategic plan that will encourage a variety of conversations about 21st century education. We will be looking through a variety of lenses to assess, modify and ensure that learning is happening in meaningful, authentic and personalized ways, through real-world applications with the support of all relevant tools. This “road map” will help guide our future endeavors in such a way as to enhance the school experience of all those involved.

Come, see for yourself, a learning experience of excellence. Join us in the Elementary division as our team of professionals open the doors for your child to explore, develop, investigate, create, imagine, question, organize, play, and most of all, develop a lifelong passion for learning.
Tim Messick
Elementary School Principal

A Few More Facts About Who We Are

  • Over 60 classroom teachers and instructional support staff
  • All teachers hold at least a bachelor degree; most have master and/or doctoral degrees.
  • Predominately native English speakers
  • Have experience as well as expertise teaching in International and American school systems
University preparatory program for ages 3-18. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges - Commission on International Education (NEASC-CIE), following the personalized ACE Learning pathway of NEASC-CIE.

American School of The Hague