Strategic Ambition #4: Being Well, Doing Well


We all have various paths to pursue happiness and well-being at ASH.


We know that balance is important to our lives, and that we all need internal tools and resources to be able to carry out the important work of learning and developing our passions without wearing ourselves down. The ability to access one's inner resources and take care of oneself is crucial in an increasingly fast-paced world. We will therefore prioritize the establishment of scientifically validated models of well-being for all members of the community. Here is a link to our Project Site.


  • Adopt a school-wide approach to well-being for all students and adults and weave it into our practices and reporting mechanisms.
  • Design schedules prioritizing human well-being over simply covering course content.


  • Our academic cycle (timetable, examination and testing) is designed with the principle that  student and staff wellbeing are the start and end points.
  • Mental and physical wellbeing is designed into every week of every student and staff member.