Strategic Ambition #3: Joyful Learning In All Environments


Our teaching and learning experience is joyful wherever it takes place.


The environment in which we work plays an important role in what we accomplish and how we engage. This fact has changed the shape of many modern workplaces. Beyond just structure, this has also impacted teams across in-person, hybrid and remote engagements. Modern learners, workers, and creators must be able to thrive in various environments, from a room with four walls to shared community and virtual spaces. One size does not fit all. We must mirror this variety in the context of schooling in order to foster adaptive, meaningful, and joyful work.


  • Enhance facilities to create joyful, interactive, flexible and appealing spaces for learning and collaboration.
  • Design schedules to enhance connection beyond the confines of a traditional school schedule.
  • Enhance digital presence so students can actively engage with learning online and beyond what is available on campus.
  • Enhance programs outside our school campuses, including service and experiential learning opportunities in the local and international communities to align with all core values and learning goals.


  • New campus facilities, and/or enhanced existing ones, to offer greater capacity, flexibility, and opportunities for more varied forms and pace of learning.
  • There is genuine parity of importance, engagement and quality between teaching and learning experiences in and outside the school’s walls. 
  • Time and space are designed explicitly to foster learning and maximize student engagement.