Strategic Ambition #2: We Are Stronger Together


We all collaborate, which strengthens our learning and community.


We know that across staff and parents there are outstanding resources waiting to be tapped. The same is true of the village of Wassenaar that hosts us and the multiple business and diplomatic organizations that make up our broader community. We aspire to create structures and channels for activating all these partners to collaborate and surface talent and support to strengthen learning and development for our students first and foremost, and also for the community as a whole. At the same time, we need to protect and cultivate our inclusive and embracing culture.


  • Create structures for giving voice  and involvement to staff, students, and parents into a wide range of activities.
  • Regularly review and cultivate all aspects of operations and relationships to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and accountability throughout the school.
  • Develop a comprehensive mentorship program that connects young learners to adults in the community and abroad who can help them focus on their dreams and goals and see future possibilities. These goals may or may not be related to future careers.
  • Develop connections with partner companies and agencies for internship opportunities to help learners experience the world of work.
  • Initiate and grow a modern advancement effort to further the goals of the school, elicit community-wide engagement, and provide funding opportunities supporting programs that benefit all learners.
  • Build robust connections with alumni to help further these projects.


  • Each part of our community understands and uses the foundational skills that assist collaboration in their context. 
  • We can show evidence that a common language of learning and leading projects allows us to achieve more and to a better quality than before.   
  • Our alumni contribute their expertise to make a contribution to the development of quality teaching and learning, research of effective practice and collaboration on special projects.
  • We actively seek partners (corporate, government, higher education) to get involved in learning at the school, and they seek out collaboration with ASH in support of their own values as well, to include possible mentorships and internships.