ASH Educator Profile

You believe that school prepares our learners for life, more than simply the next level of school. And it’s not just students who must be confident and able to take control of their own learning, teachers too must be ready to adapt quickly by learning new skills and unlearning old practices that are no longer useful or effective, and synthesize and apply new understanding to a variety of contexts. You are a critical thinker who engages your imagination to generate novel ideas, considering multiple approaches and perspectives as you charge forward.

As a learning community, we develop people, including ourselves. You build on the perspectives and contributions of others. As an educator, you aspire to be an effective collaborator by holding yourself and others accountable, and while contributing in productive ways, you sustain respectful interactions. You want to contribute to our ASH culture, and enhance the student learning experience. 

You believe our learning is authentic, connected to life, and clearly matters to all learners, young and adult. Just as in life outside the classroom, you take action based on informed decisions filtered through responsibility, respect, empathy, communication, integrity, and empathy. Our teaching and learning experience is joyful wherever it takes place. 

At ASH, everyone's voice matters, everyone is seen and everyone is valued. The ability to access one’s inner resources and take care of oneself is crucial in an increasingly fast-paced world. You are excited to engage in our school-wide approach to well-being, and ready to weave its learning outcomes into your daily practices.

If you believe in our values and are looking for an international school to support and challenge you, please view our vacancies.



We build a better world as we become better human beings, hear and value every voice, keep every promise, and celebrate every achievement. 


We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.