Hybrid Learning Experience

Should regulations be enacted such as 1.5 meter distancing between middle and high school students, the campus will be open following a split attendance model, with some students safely learning in-person on campus and other students learning from home. The mixture between on-campus and virtual learning that characterizes this model is adjusted to meet these guidelines. In this model, teachers prioritize on-campus learning, and, according to Dutch government and school guidelines, foster learning in the most sustainable and time-efficient way possible. Specifically, teachers cannot be required to teach in person all day and online in the evening. Therefore, we will use schedules and curricula that balance academic rigor with student wellbeing and social-emotional growth of all learners.

  • Students up to grade 6 are on campus full days, every day.
  • MS and HS students are on campus on alternating days, and are learning at home when they're not on campus.
  • When they are not on campus, students in grades 7-12 learn at home with asynchronous activities on PowerSchool Learning.

               - Synchronous learning: students and teachers are online together at the same time.

               - Asynchronous learning: students access recorded lessons or lessons on PowerSchool and complete                                   learning activities when suitable. 

  • Community orientation includes social distancing, mask wearing and healthy safety practices.
  • Rigorous cleaning and hygiene protocols.
  • Physical distancing indoors with occupancy limits in all spaces.
  • Limited student movement or mixing during the school day.
  • Adapted lunch and bus programs following robust health and safety programs.
  • Staggered break, and pick up and drop off times at the gates.
  • On-campus athletics and activities following safety and health protocols.
  • By invitation only campus access for parents, visitors, and vendors.